Tips, tricks and techniques for a
Memorized Deck
all stack independent
in PDF format

You must master a Memorized Deck.
Otherwise, the volume below is completely useless to you.

Volume 3 - Tips, Tricks and Techniques for a Memorized Deck - All stack independent

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Content of this Volume 3:
This is for 99% the full old web eBook "TTT-memdeck" as it grew from 2014 to February 2023.

This volume is not a PDF, but these are more than 1000 files (approx. 100 MB) that together form a website and can be consulted offline from a hard disk, USB stick or flash disk on a device that has a web browser. (Google, Chrome, etc.) An internet connection is only required to view the more than 100 video clips.

We have deliberately chosen not to make an exe file or app out of it. Now you have access to all files separately to possibly create PDFs for yourself. This is a wealth of information and tricks you won't find ANYWHERE else.

The web eBook is composed of 26 chapters and behind each chapter there are several things that relate to that specific topic. (chapters 03 and 13 are empty)

-For example, behind chapter 09 (Tricks with a memorized deck) there are 77 tricks that are all, except for a few, explained and cannot be found in any other publication.
-For example, behind chapter 08 (Commercial tricks) there are 45 tricks that can be purchased from the dealers and can be interesting for memdeck workers.
-For example, behind chapter 20 (Useful Tips) there are 49 tips and recommendations.
-Etc. etc. etc.
-Chapter 03 (Maigret's C-system) is empty. That chapter forms a separate Volume on this website (Volume 4).
-Chapter 13 has always been empty.

The price for Volume 3 will gradually increase to $50 which is still a bargain for this treasure trove of tricks and information.

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