Tips, tricks and techniques for a
Memorized Deck
all stack independent
in PDF format

You must master a Memorized Deck.
Otherwise, the volume below is completely useless to you.

Volume 2 - Tips, Tricks and Techniques for a Memorized Deck - All stack independent

In this volume you will find, to our knowledge, the most comprehensive list of all sources that may be of use to a memorized deck user.

This Volume 2 is in fact chapter 22 of the earlier "TTT-memdeck" web-eBook.
It is therefore unnecessary to purchase this volume if you purchase volume 3 (= the full content of the web-eBook TTT-memdeck.

Content of this Volume 2:
- databases
- books with an extensive bibliography
- Facebook groups
- books and eBooks since 1990 to February 2023
- DVDs, video, downloads, multimedia, etc.
- Penguin Live lectures and Penguin Live Acts
- At the Table Live lectures
- episodes Penn & Teller Fool Us
- interesting websites