Tips, tricks and techniques for a
Memorized Deck
all stack independent
in PDF format

You must master a Memorized Deck.
Otherwise, the volume below is completely useless to you.

Volume 1 - Tips, Tricks and Techniques for a Memorized Deck - All stack independent

Volume #1 is a copy that is FREE to download.
It is a microscopic look into the more than 1000 files that the web-eBook "TTT-memdeck" contains.
The "TTT memdeck" and more explanation about it can be found in Volume 3 on this web page.

Content of Volume #1:
- How this volumes came about
- What is expected from you? (forknowledge)
- The purpose of TTT memdeck
- Trick: The Sutra of the Three Heaps
- Trick: Three aperitifs and the chosen dish
- Trick: Three miracles
- Miscellaneous: Three memorized deck practitioners and Joshua Bell
- Tip: STOP Maigret
- Memdeck Humour: AMA and AMA2

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